Q&A with Austin McCusker

No. 6 Austin McCuskerF2000 Championship Series Driver and former F1600 Formula F Championship driver Austin McCusker was given ten questions, and came back with ten answers about racing, his life, and a couple other topics.


EFR Crowdfunding Campaign

b_200_150_16777215_00_images_stories_14season_news_efr-logo.pngAfter an exciting start to the 2015 racing season, Eric Filgueiras isn’t stopping at performance on the track. In a creative push to obtain more funding for his racing endeavors Eric launched a crowdfunding campaign along with his Partner Dark Horse Pros. "We all know racing is expensive, and without the financial side it cannot happen. Please click the link and check out the campaign. If you see something you like, get it!" said Eric Filgueiras. "At a minimum if you can contribute $10 that would mean a lot.  If you could please support us and tell your friend’s about it we would really appreciate it!"


Lall and Teixeira to Run for Momentum in 2015

No. 1 Quinlan Lall Momentum MotorsportsMomentum Motorsports has confirmed its F2000 Championship Series effort for the 2015 season with two drivers: Quinlan Lall and Jonathan Teixeira, who will both be driving Van Diemens. Momentum is confident about the driver talent that they are bringing to the table and that their two car push can put them in the running for the F2000 Championship title.


Eric Filgueiras Set for F2000 2015 Effort

Eric Filgueiras No. 22F2000 Championship Series driver, No. 22, Eric Filgueiras is ready to return to the track this season, and after an arduous journey consisting of the search for funding that allowed him to run a full season in 2014; Filgueiras is excited to continue his career with yet another full season in 2015.


New Pittsburgh Track Awaits for 2015

Pittsburgh International Race ComplexMaking up two of the seven stops on the expanded 2015 season for Atlantic, F2000 and F1600 is the newly renovated Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The complex is looking forward to the three summer days in July and August, as well as capping off the 2015 season in October, when all three series will be laying down rubber. With the addition of the 1.2-mile “South” track this expands the facility into a 2.8-mile road course, which will be great for open wheel cars.


PBIR Lall Onboard

Robinson: Showtime

Robinson in the No. 86After a couple of private tests in the Radon, this was it... finally a chance to see how the car stacked up to more established chassis such as the Van Diemen and RFR.  We also took the opportunity at the Winter Exhibition to learn as much as we could about the new tires that are being introduced for this year, as we had not run on them prior to this event.