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2020 Registration is Open!

Individual event registration is open. Download the official 2020 series registration & event entry PDF via the registration button above. See you on the grid!

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June 19th - 21st




Mid Ohio

July 3rd - 5th





July 17th - 19th





July 31st - August 2nd




Summit Point

August 21st - 23rd





October 16th - 18th




Road Atlanta

October 30th - 31st


Racing License & Crew Credentials Below, we outline all you need to know to kick your season off on the right foot.Please read the entire page before beginning registration for events or applying for Driver / Crew Credentials.  
Formula Race Promotions events are sanctioned and insured by SCCA PRO Racing ALL participants — drivers & crew &guests desiring hot pit access MUST BE a member of SCCA.  Guests or Crew may participate in FRP events without being an SCCA member, but will not be allowed in hot pit areas. Anyone found in a hot pit area without proper credentials will be fined ($500), and this fine will accrue to the associated team.
•   To join or renew one’s SCCA membership, go to: https://www.scca.com - click on “Join SCCA/Renew”  (upper right corner)and follow prompts.
•   The fee to be a member of SCCA is the responsibility of participants, and is not included in any event fee due FRP.
•   One can also join or renew their SCCA Membership when signing up for a Pro Driving License or FRP Crew Card (see links below).•    •   There is also a “Weekend SCCA Membership ($50), available for sign up at each event. 

FRP Specific Crew Credential 

For Crew Members desiring an FRP Hard Card Credential, (with proof of Annual Waiver signed), : Click Here

•   Follow Prompts - download and fill out the Credit Card Form (if applicable) & Appropriate Annual Waiver, and submit these with picture. —Adult Waivers can be Notarized OR signed by any NON-FAMILY SCCA Member ——Minor Waivers need to be signed by BOTH Parents, AND Notarized ——ALL Waivers need to be PRINTED in COLOR —
•   You will need to be a member of SCCA, and provide your member #, or fill in "New Member" (needs CC Form) to process all together. 
•   There is no additional fee for the FRP Crew Hardcard - The SCCA Membership Fee is the responsibility of participants. 
•   IMPORTANT — An FRP PRO HARDCARD MAKES AT TRACK REGISTRATION EASIER  submit your form at least 2 weeks prior to first attended event.  

Drivers — 2020 Racing License Requirements
 ALL Drivers participating in any FRP event are required to have, at minimum, an SCCA (Club) “Full Competition License” (Other sanctioning body licenses may be acceptable, determined on a case by case basis by FRP officials).

•  Everyone; competing in F1600, F2000, Atlantic & NAF1000 for more than two weekends, needs to have an SCCA Pro License.
•  An additional $125 fee applies,and this fee is the responsibility of participants (This is the FRP rate,normal cost for a Pro License is $300).
•  Approval for a Pro License is automatic with a full competition (club) license.
•  FRP always retrains the right to determine qualifications, and deny entry, of drivers regardless of license held. 

First time and non-SCCA drivers: Your driving resume and existing license will be reviewed by SCCA & FRP stewards: upon approval you will be granted a provisional Pro license and observed by FRP staff during on track activities. For SCCA Pro License Applications and instructions, : Click Here

Membership in SCCA & Licensing does not have to be completed before Entering FRP Events on Motorsportreg, but will have to be completed prior to "wheels on track”. SCCA Pro charges a substantial late fee for License Applications received within 2 weeks of a desired first event, so do this early. 

You can also find Links, instructions& forms to all applications on each of our Series “For Competitors Page”on the  FRP website - http://www.formularacepromotions.com.  

Event Entry

•   Event entry for FRP events is handled through the motorsportreg.com website. 
•   Many drivers already have a profile and “Garage”on motorsportreg.com, and your information will transfer when entering FRP Events.
•   If you have not yet signed up and added information for your “MotorsportReg Garage” — do so now. Your Garage is the basis for all event entries - make sure info is correct & complete. 

•  FRP Registration for all events is active.
•  Events can be found by searching on motorsportreg.com using “FRP”.
•  All of our 7 events start with “FRP - Event” (i.e. “FRP - PIRC”)•  Direct Registration LINKS are on our Series Registration Pages.
•  Credit Cards are accepted (5% fee added), or pay by check with no additional fee..
•  2020 Event Pricing — See link on each of our Series “Registration Pages” on the  FRP website - http://www.formularacepromotions.com.  

Any Questions, contact us:
RobertW@racefrp.com or call 855-722-3377 ext. 701
ClayH@racefrp.com or call 855-722-3377 ext. 708

Download 2020 Reg. PDF

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